January 12, 2012

Lifestyle: Wankered Wednesdays – Manhattan

Yeah sorry it’s a day late, I was busy getting wankered yesterday.

Referred to as ‘the drinking mans drink’ the Manhattan is a cocktail that is pretty much all alcohol. A favourite of gentlemans clubs and expensive hotels worldwide it is guaranteed to get you absolutely steamed while also allowing you to look more sophisticated than you could ever manage to be:

You will need: 3 oz. of Bourbon, 2 oz. of sweet Vermouth, Maraschino Cherry, a dash of bitters and some ice.

To prepare: 1. Fill an 8 oz.glass with ice.
2. Add the Bourbon and sweet Vermouth
3. Stir and add a dash of bitters.
4. Drop in the Maraschino Cherry.

Start knocking them back and prepare to get wankered!

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