January 09, 2012

Sport: Boxing - Amir Khan Vs Lamont Peterson, Fixed?

A fair bit has been said of the fight between Amir Khan & Lamont Peterson, I missed the actual bout but have read a lot of the fallout. The question was ‘had the fight been fixed?’ But it now seems almost certain that it was. Here’s a full video of the fight and a selection of Amir Khans tweets, seems pretty damning to me.

'watch the fight from 9.10 seconds of this video ther is a guy wearing a grey suit with a blue shirt wearing a hat'

'Sat on the main judges panel at the front on the right hand side 3rd to the end'

'At the beginning of round 2 he manages to squeeze in at the front again sat next to Michael Walsh'

'From round 6 all the way through to round 12 this guy starts to interfere with what Michael Walsh is doing and they are both not watching the fight, watch the video and have a look for yourselfs'

'This is what I meant on how he was interfeering, as no one is allowed according to the rules to touch hold the scorescards or even talk to the judges n commision during the fight'

'This pic shows here in round 6 the guy wearing the hat clearing picks up one of the judges white slips n if you watch the video slides it down and towards him'

Khan continues to tweet about how the mystery man interferes throughout the rest of the fight and then says:

'I've read in some articles and people have also told me that after the fight Michael Walsh the guy in the red tie apparently said his score cards didn't match up to the others, it wasn't fair and he looked really scared and he was told to butt out and there was nothing he could do.. Since then no one has heard from him'

Like I’ve said there’s not much doubt in my mind that there’s something seriously fishy going on. What I don’t get is the fact it’s playing out like we’re still living in the 30’s. A mystery man at ringside that no one knows managing to interfere with scoring and possibly threatening a judge who looked ‘scared’ and hasn’t been heard from since?! It honest to god sounds like a classic mob fixing, but in 2011? Really?! Only time will tell.

There’s a more in depth article available here at the Daily Mail website.

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