January 04, 2012

TV/Film: Review - Treasure Island

I just finished the second part of Sky One’s new adaptation of Robert Louis Stevensons Treasure Island today and I have to say it was a cracking watch. To say it had an all star cast would be an exaggeration but there were a few noticeable faces in Eddie Izzard as legendary pirate Long John Silver, Elijah Wood as castaway Ben Gun and Philip Glenister as the gentlemanly Captain Smollett.
Not being able to remember much of the story I found myself caught up in the way it was re-told. The filming was nothing less than what you would expect from a Sky One exclusive show. All in all it was a great retelling of a family classic that also had enough to keep any bloke gripped. If you have Sky you can catch it here. I’ll leave you with a trailer in case you need any more convincing.

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