March 06, 2012

Lifestyle: Munch Mondays - Holy Fuck They’re Hot Nachos

Hungry? Like having your mouth so insanely hot you can feel your pulse in your tongue? Then try this recipe. Caution: If you think it’s hot on the way in you wait till it makes a break for freedom out of the other end. You will need:

(To serve 1 if you’re a bloke or to share if you’ve got a mangina)
A bag of tortilla chips
A jar of sliced Jalapenos
Hot salsa
Chilli sauce
Some sour cream (if you’re a pussy)
Cheese (i like mozzarella)

To prepare it:
1. Preheat oven to 200, drain jalapenos and mix with chilli sauce.
2. Mix some Tabasco into the hot salsa (the more you add the bigger your cajones, FACT)
3. Spread nachos on a baking tray, coat with the chilli sauce covered jalapenos and shit loads, and I mean SHIT LOADS (like until you can no longer see the nachos) of cheese. Put into oven and cook for roughly 6 – 7 mins or until the cheese is golden.
4. Remove from oven, put on plate, get the Tabasco laced salsa and the sour cream (if you’re a pussy) and put dollops all over the top. Prepare yourself for a feast of the senses. If you finish the whole plate you’re likely to need medical attention, just saying.

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