June 13, 2012

Tech/Music: The Future Of Concerts, Holograms

If you are yet to see the now legendary video of Tupac at Coachella 2012 (yeah, he was pretty much there) then check it out:


Of course the conspiracy theorists will tell you Pacs not dead, neither is Biggy or Elvis and that they’re all residing over a race of aliens on a faraway planet as kind and loving overlords. Unfortunately I’m pretty certain the poor bastards are as dead as dodos but thanks to the wonders of modern technology that doesn’t prevent you from seeing them in concert. So which undead music legend will you be watching next?

Rumour has it that both Jim Morrison of The Doors fame and Jimi Hendrix of, well, Jimi Hendrix fame are in the works for their holographic debut. This has got me wetter than Claire Richards (of Steps ‘fame’) looking at a table full of cream cakes and doughnuts. The Doors are pretty much one of my favourite bands ever and I practically worship Jimi Hendrix as a demi-god.

The idea of watching either of those two performing ‘live’ is mind blowing. Top of my list also comes Biggie, it can’t be long until he’s on stage spitting Juicy and Party And Bullshit. The list of possibilities is almost endless, who would you guys like to see?

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