July 05, 2012

TV/Film – Review – The Amazing Spider-Man

I’m a sucker for superhero films, I mean I lap them up like a kitten on some catnip lined milk. So in all honesty it doesn’t take much for a a new one that’s just been released to give me a semi and make me giggle with excitement like a teenage Japanese girl. Therefore as the titles started up and I put my 3D glasses on I was expecting to be taken on a journey of childish escape and enjoyment, I wasn’t disappointed. The film has everything you want from a Spider-Man movie. Andrew Garfield is a cracking choice as the slightly more edgy and sarcastic Peter Parker and he pulls off the transformation into a more emotionally relatable Spider-Man well. Emma Stone also puts in a good performance as the man in spandex’s love interest Gwen Stacy, although I was disappointed that there was no Mary Jane?! The stand out performance for me though is Rhys Ifans as the troubled and brooding Dr Curt Connors who undergoes an unfortunate transformation in his search for a way for him to regenerate his lost limb.
Much of the standard Spider-Man story remains, Uncle Ben and Aunt May are still there to help the troubled Peter Parker deal with the disappearance of his father and mother and Uncle Ben still falls victim to a random crime full of pathos. I also enjoyed how Spider-Mans web slinging abilities came about. What particularly blew me away were certain scenes in the film where, if only for a few seconds, it switched to a first person perspective. In 3D this was bum hole tighteningly cool. All in all the film carries all the production values you would expect from a Spider-Man reboot. It’s slick, cool and has something for all the family from action to comedy (a certain library scene had me creasing in particular.) If you enjoy superhero films then I couldn’t recommend this film more. If however you don’t enjoy superhero films, e.g. my girlfriend, then it’s still “alright, better than I expected.” I’ll leave you with the trailer just in case you haven’t seen it already.

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