June 14, 2012

TV/Film: Review – Men In Black 3

Who doesn’t enjoy Men In Black right? Ever since the opening scene in the first film where some agents discover what you would call an illegal ‘alien’ I was hooked and know most of the people I’ve talked to about it were too. With that in mind I came into the third instalment expecting to be thoroughly entertained and my expectations were exceeded. From the off you’re immediately aware that this film carries the same wit and humour that made the first two so successful. Will Smith once again puts in a brilliant performance as the sarcastic and funny Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones once again excels as the stoic and serious Agent K. The star performance in this film comes from Josh Brolin however as the younger, seemingly happier and slightly more talkative Agent K. He has Tommy Lee Jones’ mannerisms down to a tee, even his voice sounds like a younger, slightly less angry version of the Men In Black legend.

The story is also as entertaining and enthralling as the trios on screen performances with an expert alien assassin named Boris The Animal (or just Boris as he insists) played by Jemaine Clement, who also puts in a fantastic performance, breaking free from a high security prison and carrying out a revenge mission in memory of his missing arm. Once he gets his hand on an illegal time travel device it all gets a bit tasty. Highlights for me included a certain baseball scene where an in depth discussion by a multi-dimensional being about the aspects that came together to create a historic win, and more importantly how it could all have been changed by the tiniest little influence, left me wondering about fate and parallel universes. The films ending also left me genuinely surprised, something that hasn’t happened for a while.

All in all the third film in the Men In Black series is just as brilliant as the first two, it’s characters are funny but still strike the perfect balance between comedy and seriousness, it’s story is interesting and closes perfectly at the end of the film and most of all it’s thoroughly enjoyable. There’s plenty in it for both the kids and adults. (Although that doesn’t mean you should take a baby that still requires a pram into the cinema like some twat did when I was watching it!) I couldn’t recommend it more. Here’s a trailer for you to feast your eyes on.

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